Thursday, January 12, 2012

January 2012 a new year and a new venue

Wollongong Stitch N Bitch has decided to move to a new venue from January 2012.

It will now be held at Collegians (Collies) Club, Flinders Street Wollongong.

It is an easy venue to get to by own transport or public transport, it has very good parking areas.

Collies has a nice coffee shop with really nice cakes, slices, muffins, sandwiches etc and a very reasonably priced bistro for meals.

Nothing else changes, the time is still 2pm - 5pm. Some always get there earlier and now there is lunch available some may even go for that too.

We will be sitting at the area behind the bar, near the outdoor area which has two sets of doors to go through, so no more smoke wandering in.

I was hoping to make it to SNB this month but I have been invited to my cousin's daughter's Bridal Shower. (I didn't know people still had these, I knew it as a Kitchen Tea many years back)

I hope everyone has a great day knitting and you enjoy the new venue.

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