Monday, April 2, 2012


What a great SNB we had on Saturday 31 March, only a small group this month, we had some great conversations and laughs. The people there brought up the fact that we have changed to Collegians Club instead of the Novotel, with some saying they won’t be attending anymore if it is at Collegians. The reason being that they like the atmosphere at the Novotel better. They weren’t concerned about the price of afternoon tea etc, in fact they like the idea that your coffee/tea and cake were delivered to you at your table. Parking is much easier at Collegians and there is always plenty of parking, no driving around the block a few times to get a parking space. On the other side of things, some don’t want to go to the Novotel and prefer Collegians. In the past we have had changes to our venue and it has always been good wherever we meet. Seeing as the Knitting Camp will be on the same weekend as SNB in April, the people who are not going to camp who were at SNB in March decided that they will meet at the Novotel on 28 April. In May we will return to Collegians as everyone knows it is being held there and we can discuss our options. Any and all thoughts are most appreciated.

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